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  • Repair Time 1-3 days
  • Gimbal hanging by wires (wires undamaged)
  • Call 0455880407 to book your return
  • Warranty on all repairs

Mavic Repair 2
  • Ribbon Cable replace
  • Vibration board replace
  • Video Cable replace
This Mavic hit the side of a house and fell 10m. The gimbal assembly took all of the impact. This customer was back in the air in 24 hours.

Symtoms of a gimbal hardware fault are;
image jello*, gimbal vibration warning** or failing to complete gimbal initialisation at start up.
  • Repair time 1-3 days
  • Call 0455880407 for return instructions.
* Image jello can be caused by shutter speed also.
** See next post for other caused for gimbal vibration warning

Vibration warning
  • Damaged Propellers
  • Jammed gimbal mount
1.Damaged propellers can cause enough vibration to overload the gimbals smoothing capacity. If you watch the camera you may notice it vibrate more than normal. Replace propeller.
2.Following an impact, rough handelling or transport without the gimbal clamp, we have also seen the vibration board dislodged above the gimbal mount- see photo. This will cause a vibration in the image simular to a failed gimbal. This can be fixed by gentely moving the mount under the hook. If in doubt call 0455880407 for assistance.
Mavic Camera Assembly
  • Genuine DJI Mavic Pro Platinum Gimbal 4K Camera Replacement Assembly
  • Comes in DJI package
  • Used to replace broken or damaged DJI Mavic Pro Video Camera Gimbal
  • Compatible with both Mavic Pro and Platinum
We sell all Mavic parts call today for prices.
When your DJI Mavic Pro crashes, by running out of battery or simply flying into a wall, most of the damage is taken by a gimbal. The DJI Mavic Pro gimbal has 3 axis and is mounted on the drone via gimbal vibration absorption board.
1. The gimbal vibration board can fail on impact, leaving the gimbal hanging by the fragile gimbal (ribbon) cable and video signal cable.
2. The ribbon cable controls the movement of the 3 axis gimbal, when damaged the gimbal can become non-responsive.
3. When the video signal cable ( silver ) is damaged there will be no video displayed
4. The Gimbal can intermittently fail causing image distortion. Parts, labour & return post

All parts are in stock and we aim to repair within 24-48 hours.

Call 0455880407 or email to schedule your repair.