Pioneer Gen2 Power Meter System SGY-PM910V


Pioneer Power Meter System SGY-PM910V

Pioneer's SGY-PM910V sensor gives accurate, reliable data in real time. 


World's first high-precision measurement of force magnitude and force direction, every 30° of rotation, for each leg


1. Professional Install on Existing Crank

2. LHS Power Meter & New Crank

3. Dual Power Meter & Chain Set

Improved support for various cycle frames, with thin-profile sensors and two types of rotation detector magnets

Simple maintenance operations for zero point calibration, battery replacement, and more

Quick calibration to zero to preserve precision

Easy battery replacement via opening the covers for the left crank sensor unit



1. Purchase Online.

2. Send your left hand Shimano Crank to us in Newport.

3. We will return your Crank + Power Meter to you in 3-5 days.

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